The Tremec TKO is a superb alternative for retrofitting into the previous muscle cars, however it is not fairly a direct bolt-in substitute for a 4 velocity. There are a number of areas that may require modification and/or customized elements for a TKO conversion into any muscle car.

transmission parts

The Tremec TKO’s three rail inner shift mechanism is positioned on the prime of the transmission, making it taller, wider and flatter throughout the highest than a lot of the previous 4 speeds that have been frequent within the 1960s and 1970s. Some cars such because the 1967-1981 Camaros and Firebirds sometimes have ample room to put in a TKO with none tunnel modifications. Different muscle cars have transmission tunnels which are barely sufficiently big for the previous 4 speeds, and can intervene with the TKO. Body mounts which are in dangerous situation will make issues worse, so be sure that your body mounts are in good condition earlier than putting in a TKO. Some cars can get by with simply dimpling the transmission tunnel in a number of areas, however on others there simply is not any strategy to get round reducing the tunnel and reshaping new sheetmetal across the transmission. Nevertheless, the modifications can nearly at all times be lined by the manufacturing facility carpet, and with a console could also be utterly invisible from contained in the car.

Your transmission crossmember or its location should be modified ultimately as a result of mount pad location on the TKO being additional rearward than the mount pad on most 4 speeds. On some cars you’ll be able to simply transfer the crossmember additional back on the body rails and drill new holes, however others might require sectioning your manufacturing facility crossmember and welding it back collectively, or probably fabricating a new one. Earlier than eradicating your previous transmission, it’s clever to file the peak of the transmission output shaft relative to some fastened level on the car so that you’ve got a reference level to shoot for when modifying your crossmember or building a new one. The transmission peak might should be raised or lowered barely ultimately so as to acquire acceptable driveline angles, so hold that in thoughts if you’re fabricating a new crossmember.

The TKO at 24.07″ lengthy will not be precisely the identical size as any manufacturing facility 4 velocity, though it is extremely near some variations of the Ford Toploader. Plan on both having your previous driveshaft modified or having a new one constructed to work with the TKO. The TKO requires a Ford C6 sample 31-spline slip yoke, however there are slip yokes out there that may adapt the TKO to frequent 1310, 1330 or 1350 common joints. It’s possible you’ll need to hold your unique driveshaft intact in case you ever resolve to promote your car and need to convert it back to the unique configuration.


Tremec TKO Transmissions Half 5 – Will it Match My Car?

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