The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit

The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit is one tool to test the levels of your love of the environment in a way to further entrust the power of the sun’s energy rather than continued reliance on electricity currently generated a lot of controversy on the environment. This kit is ideal when used on the go and recreation with remote power, power back-ups, and 12-volt battery charging. Basically, amorphous Solar Charging Kit consists of very thin layers of silicon that is sprayed in the glass and otherwise known for as thin film solar panels.

A bit about Amorphous Solar Power

These solar panels are usually known as thin film solar panels. And because this panel is made by spraying silicone on the glass in very thin layer, then allows them to become better at generating electricity in all lighting conditions, including on the cloudy or shady environments. These solar panels are very suitable for outdoor use such as camping at the event without fear of energy shortage. amfort solar panels have a maximum operating temperature range from -40 to 176-degrees Fahrenheit. And incredibly, it’s like a miracle without the maintenance of those details! So that you can use it without being complicated to treat.

This is Everything You Need to Power Up

The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit is the right choice as a replacement power source that can be taken anywhere. All the gadgets and needs that require electricity can be sourced from these solar panels. This includes one 15-Watt solar panels amorphous, a 7-amp solar charge controller, and wiring kit with accessories for easy installation. These solar panels are designed to protect against battery discharge at night. You can also use this kit to maintain the charge on any 12-volt battery for clean, silent operation of various electronics, such as deer feeders and landscaping pumps. The charge controller features include a built-in ultra-bright blue LED charging indicator, and is a great choice for automobiles, recreational vehicles, tractors, all terrain vehicles, electric fences, telemetry, boats and more. Or shortly, this is a complete package to power up all your electricity equipments!

Effective in every area

Another advantage is the effectiveness for use in various places. Solar panels that absorb solar energy to be recycled into more useful or replacement power, does not mean can only be used in places where there is lots of sunlight such as in tropical areas. But the solar panels can also be used in place of the lower and higher exposure of sunlight of the tropics. So it can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Convenient Power That Helps You Save Money and be Friendly to the Environment

With you can be more efficient in the use of electrical energy as a complement to your daily life, it is definitely also reduced monthly electric bill, in addition, also feel more secure environment for the use of solar energy more widely used than electricity as before. Sun as a source of enormous power and will never run out for use by the world, making anyone feel free and not limited in its use. Plus more, government programs worldwide have received warnings for frugality in the use of energy and using alternative energy sources. The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit Panel has answered them all in one complete package and very useful.

It comes with everything you need to start producing up to 15 Watts/125mA of clean, free electricity in all weather conditions. And in the worst weather, you can still enjoy electrical energy from these solar panels.

Overall, this solar panel package provides many facilities for you and maybe, loved ones around you. Only $ 90.76, you can use the sun as controlling all electrical equipment on the go, or at home. Anytime, anywhere, anyone will be greatly assisted by the presence of these solar panels.

Do not think you will find it difficult to carry it around, because this tool has a weight weighing only 2 pounds! Enough to facilitate the needs from one kilogram of electricity along the journey. And you need not worry with the outdoor event that also requires electricity. Is not this the time to be friendly to the environment?

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