The Mental Weight

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A lot going on (including what we do not want) is not derived from our own actions are pure happens, for example, is fear. Formed due to fears that haunt the mind and follow so that your will carry yourself in such fear. Not only affect a feeling, but the mind also becomes the center of many diseases in the body. It was already known since a long time, and not a secret anymore. As evidence, Herbert Spencer, who lived around the 18th century, says that 90% of the body caused by mental illness commonly referred to as psycho somatic disease. This is what people think affects the whole body the outside, either on facial expressions and body movements. Mind and soul are automatically also affecting the inner body member, such as increased heart rate, body temperature, breathing, and blood pressure that affects the kidneys and liver.

Mental conditions also affect your weight. So you have to be careful of the thoughts that began to dare to enter your psyche. To avoid, or more specifically to cure excess weight in a person, now there is a proper guide as a way out for you. This guide called The Mental Weight. This guide will not only bring your to a better handling than just a diet. Because the diet is only associated with symptoms of being overweight, while this guide is more to offer clients the means and methods to treat the actual cause.

And because this diet is more referring to the mental, then first your will be given a simple questionnaire to identify mentally before you go on a diet. Questions on the questionnaire are such as:

  • Do you eat when you are upset with someone or something?
  • Does eating an important source of pleasure in your life?
  • Do you have a tendency to eat when you’re disappointed with your behavior?
  • Do you sometimes hide to eat or hide what you eat from other people?
  • Are you over 20% of your ideal weight?
  • Do you sometimes have uncontrollable food cravings?
  • And a few other simple questions.

What do you get through this diet are:

  • You can learn how to manipulate the metabolism. Metabolism that kept the bait will affect your weight. This is the body’s calorie burning rate, the higher your metabolism, the easier for your body to do this. Only recently has found a way to take control of metabolism, it is now possible to increase the level, regardless of body type. Serious Mental has incorporated scientific research into mental program. The weight that can teach you how to manipulate, maintain and control your metabolism. For that, you’re led to be able to control your own body’s metabolism.
  • One of the main ways to increase metabolism is through leptin. As a protein hormone, leptin is responsible for maintaining the energy, both intake and expenditure, in the body. In fact, leptin has been scientifically proven as an authority to control glucose in the body. Determining the body weight of glucose, leptin must be balanced with the right dose. In short, leptin is the main software in the body to re-start the state of glucose.
  • Weight Loss starts in the Brain. As it has been mentioned at the beginning of the article, that all suggestions that originated in the brain will affect one’s physical condition.
  • The result is permanent, good for your health and mind.

Overall, the Mental Weight Program is the best way to lose weight because it is based on the science of psychology and health is balanced. So that it can deliver maximum results in your mind and your health.

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