The Bikini Of The Star, What Costumes Wear The Vip At The Sea

The Bikini Of The Star, What Costumes Wear The Vip At The Sea

The bikini of the star, what costumes wear the vip at the sea Bikini micro farewell, wide band-bra, mid-life slippers and mythical triangle, always very much loved.

Taking inspiration from celebrities, when it comes to fashion, can be very risky but without doubt we would wear something more glamorous you can not! As for bathing suits, the risk of being mistaken is not so high, just pay attention and do not opt ??for the fashion model at all costs but does not give our shapes. This summer season 2014 offers a wide choice of beautiful costumes for curvy women, designed to enhance generous shapes without sacrificing them.

One of the musts of the season, also chosen by the supermodels Irina Shayk and Alessandra Ambrosio, is the bikini with the top of the band, a model that gives especially to those with a slim physical and a non-generous breasts The tennis player Maria Sharapova, on the other hand, does not follow the trend and prefer to opt for a bikini with push up bra, to enhance her sports decolleté.

The triangular bra looks never to be set, so much so that it is the first choice of many celebrities, all with distinctly different bodies, such as Pamela Anderson, actress Michelle Rodriguez, always super top Naomi Campbell and the most glamorous fashion victim of the planet , Or Kim Kardashian. The slippers are chosen with classic laces, but also with the tallest waist compared to the past seasons, a sign that this trend is slowly passing.

As for the colors, they win the floral prints, the geometric designs and the animal fantasies, especially in dark colors, such as gray, green bottle and brown mole. When you want to dare, the VIPs do not have rivals, and here we find stunning coral worn by Lea Michele and Jennifer Lopez, yellow opted chosen by Rihanna and turquoise for Selena Gomez and Cameron Diaz, although she prefers bikini broken and Often very little coordinated.

The color palette brushes to the season with a predominance of black, gray, purple dark, white, red and even gold for the most elegant. For the day, high boots under the knee, or a pair of simple and essential décolletès if you wore a tailleur or a hood each morning. For leisure, enjoy the pleasure of an ultra-flat shoe, a moccasin or alternatively a pair of slippers. In short, there is no embarrassment to choosing the most beautiful models of the new Prada collection find them in our gallery.

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