Pedicure DIY How To Make It Last Longer On Vacation

Pedicure DIY How To Make It Last Longer On Vacation

Who would have the time to touch up the nail polish toes on vacation Not many! Here’s how to make a perfect pedicure and durable long, even on vacation!

When we are on vacation, and we must destreggiarci sun between hands and feet, the smartest thing to do is to make sure that our hard pedicures as long as possible.
What should

pumice stone
Top Coat
Cuticle Oil

The secret of a perfect pedicure ago from you depends on the time that you are going to devote to this moment, then, if you go too fast better to postpone the pedicure at another time. It would be appropriate to engage in a foot care session in one of those nights where for sure you will be at home, so that the nail polish to dry well and have a few hours to settle for good. Usually after a maximum of 30 minutes the glaze is completely dry, but we are still at a delicate stage in which it can still get scratched or become opaque when in contact with the shoe, ergo, at home, in the evening that you have dedicated to pedicures, put on a pair of flip flops .

As soon as the enamel is dry you apply a top coat to protect it, the fixing speed and make bright and brilliant your pedicure, sealing well to the edge of the nail, in order to avoid the ugly aesthetic effect of the chipped enamel.

If you have already prepared your suitcase, do not forget to put beauty in all that you need in case there is need of a touch up, then the polish that you have used, the solvent and the top coat. At least once a day, maybe while you’re in the shower, rub your heels and feet and any callused area with a pumice stone. Every two days instead can use an oil to soften cuticles.

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