Objectives – Macro Lenses

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Objectives – Macro Lenses

Macro photography is a very special branch of photography, complex and fascinating and complex is also the world that revolves around it, from the macro objectives. Unlike in fact than any other photography where, for better or worse, you can make do with what we have, macro photography has very stringent requirements from which it is difficult to break free.

The main problem is related to what the macro picture is a photograph of the child. For photographing small and very small parties it is necessary to approach the subject. You might think of making use of telephoto lenses http://akusaraprosound.com, but look at the minimum focusing distance a goal is more long more will also be the focus distance (a 70-300 has a focusing distance of about 1 meter ). Which does not allow us to get closer physically to the subject, making filling the problematic scene. On the contrary, point to with focusing distance targets at very short fire as a wide-angle has the same problem as we approach the subject (a 18-55mm lens has a focal distance of about 30cm) this will never be able to fill the scene due to the lack of zoom.

In short, small entities may not be photographed or with a telephoto zoom lens with a wide angle or as we will never be able to fill the whole scene with our subject. For macro photography, therefore, serve the specific macro objectives. These objectives are specifically designed for macro photography (or close-up) and are suitable to focus on a subject as close as to produce on a life-size image sensor (1 1) The distinguishing feature of these objectives is in fact the zoom ratio, or the ratio that exists between the actual size of the subject that we are framing and sensor size. In a nutshell, if our sensor has the diagonal of 28mm (Nikon) and photograph an object along 28mm, these the focus will occupy the entire shooting screen minimum focusing distance.

In addition to the zoom ratio, as mentioned above, it is crucial for a macro lens to have a certain minimum focus distance (the distance at which you will have the magnification ratio of 1 1) This should not be necessarily as short as possible, but must be proportionate to the use of that goal that we want to be. If our goal is to photograph inanimate objects, the minimum focusing distance may not matter to us.

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