Joypad Best Smartphone VIGICA

Joypad Best Smartphone VIGICA

With this product we do not propose only a simple joypad smartphone, but much more. VIGICA had the great idea of ??combining a joypad with Bluetooth connectivity to a viewer for virtual reality. In this way we can enjoy all of our favorite video games with a total immersion. Just insert your smartphone inside the viewer, connect the joypad via Bluetooth and play. The display, based on Google Cardboard, has then also headphones, so the audio is not at all cut off. Speaking on the joypad, the shape is typical of those for consoles the ergonomics are excellent, analog are very well defined and not mini, and the keys give a pretty good feedback.

Joypad best smartphone Ipega PG-9023

Who said you can not use a mini joypad smartphone even for a tablet Those who have said they’re wrong, because this Ipega model can be mounted virtually any device, regardless of the diagonal of its screen The joypad is formed from two pieces that will approach and move away at will. The keys are so many in addition to being present on the back side of two buttons, there are also convenient media keys to adjust all without ever needing the touchscreen. The analogue here are large and ergonomic enough, and do not regret at all a joystick console.

Editor’s Choice – Best joypad smartphone Nvidia Shield

We close our top with a joypad Nvidia, made by the famous manufacturer of video cards home. Usually it purchased with the famous tablet Nvidia Shield rated gaming. You have to spend a little ‘more than others joypad to buy this, but we assure you that it is the best you can find in the market and did not really rivals regarding gaming. Designed specifically for Android, it also presents the classics capacitive buttons Back, Home and Recent to perfectly control your smartphone from your joypad. Excellent analog with the presence of rises to increase the grip of the fingers, very ergonomic and also the other keys. If you are real gamer even mobile rejoice purchase of this model, because it has on its back even a jack for attaching a headset. This way you can communicate with your friends in multiplayer sessions. Finally there are also handy buttons to adjust the volume.Per As for other buttons, they are also robust and very comfortable to press, is really little difference with consoles

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