In Sports Shoulder Bags, The Most Beautiful Models For 2015

In Sports Shoulder Bags, The Most Beautiful Models For 2015

Comfortable and roomy, in the sports shoulder bags are ideal for those who travel on foot and by public transport, and therefore needs something practical, but also for those who want the casual side of the outfit.

They are comfortable, roomy and you can wear them for leisure or at least in all those casual circumstances that do not require elegant accessories. very practical models, with sporty shoulder bags can be combined with jeans and sneakers with no problem, but someone there has also proposed the mini versions, for those who do not need as much space.

The best model is still the knapsack or the postman, the ideal bag for commissions, especially for those who travel by public transport They are usually made of very light fabric or fabric and are available in a wide range of shades and colors, including neutral colors perfect for winter and, in general, for those who do not want to wear a bag that has an extremely sporty appearance and that in a sense wants to camouflage it.

One of the trademarks of this is undoubtedly Eastpak, which offers scholarships to take large capacity bag and come in a wide range of colors, even those particularly garish. La Coste also makes a line of very casual woven bags, but instead of the shoulder strap there are large handles to wear in the shoulder, but not lacking the classic leather straps, finished in every detail, which however retain a decidedly casual. Carpisa, Zara, H & M, all in one way or another remain at the forefront of the most popular accessories this kind of sports bag but not quite, practical but not scruffy-looking.

In the collection of Haute Couture de Dior dresses are dresses with defined colors such as white (true color star of the show) and the black, but blue, pearl gray, blue, pink and green. Also fundamental accessories, perfectly matched to clothing and shoes (strictly pointy, high-heeled and bright colors and eccentric).

But many models also find them online from the best online shop of handbags, shoes and accessories, such as Zalando, or on Amazon, let alone where Yoox also find the branded models at very attractive prices. The trend does not convince you, or perhaps the sport adjective bothers you Please take a look at our gallery and you will definitely change your mind.

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