Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Mesh vs. Bars Platform

ride cargo carrierAs one of the important parts of hitch mount cargo carrier, platform is available in so many types. From all them, there are two types that people like to use the most; mesh and bar types. Both of them surely have different characteristic yet beneficial when already installed. Read these comparisons before you decide what type you’ll choose.

Avoiding Rattles

One of the things that you will avoid on your long trip is rattles. This kind of sound will make you anxious about the things above your vehicle. Skinny mesh wire somehow produces less rattles than the bars. It has a tight fit between the main shift and the receiver which means there will be no extra wobble space that produces those rattling sounds.

Adding Sidewalls

Although it’s not a must, adding any sidewalls or railings on the tray will guarantee the load keep safe. You probably still need to strap or tie down the load for security purposes, but adding those metal sidewalks definitely give you extra safety of mind. In this case, adding any metal sidewalks to bars cargo carrier is less complicated than adding to the skinny wire mesh one.

The Durability

It’s clear if talk about the durability, the bars type is better than the skinny mesh wire type. Skinny wire mesh is prone and brittle to rust which give you less chance to put more weight on them. If you plan to carry extra weight of load, using the bars cargo carrier is more recommended. The skinny mesh wire is easily broken by any concentrate and less safe if you don’t add any additional sidewalks or railings.

The comparison shows that the bars type is safer to be used than the mesh wire type. However, you can have some additional stuff if you still want to use the mesh wire one. The point of installing hitch mount cargo carrier is to keep your load safe.

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