Expand Business Networks With Social Media Sites

Clever use of social media for promotion – including making contacts with potential customers and consumers is the key to online media success in expanding the network and ultimately enlarging business profits.

Social Media Sites

Get closer to the community by becoming friends with them, not just promotions but also sharing information related to the business that consumers are interested in. With this you will no longer trouble in advertising the product and get the consumer.

I will say bluntly:

Social media is an overrated marketing tool.
Just look at the stats, it looks amazing. By 2015 there are 38 million internet users in Indonesia, 79% of whom are active using social media at least once a month.

A lot right?

But in practice it is not so. Most people who do social media marketing give up in a matter of months. Because there is no positive result they get to the business.

Failed. Wait a minute … I straighten it before you protest.

Social media marketing is not bad. Many people who fail because it is very easy to get caught in the wrong path when utilizing social media.

Only this is usually done (and taught):

Create an account, decorate with photo & complete the profile

Create an interesting post to get like / retweet

That’s not enough. Very not enough.

In order for your efforts are not in vain please continue reading. In this guide you will learn what kind of social media marketing strategy really is.

Determine ONE major social media

One, no more. Why only one? Not much better? It is true. Ideally the more we appear in the presence of others, the sooner we are known.

But there are some considerations to consider:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Human power
  • Science

If you have no problems with the four, please select more than one. Social media marketing is not simple. Not just post a funny tweet or upload a meme image. And most importantly, it is not automated from social media A to B.

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