Container Homes Design with Eco-Friendly Concept

Usually, you find shipping container in big harbor as export-import goods center. Container is one of solutions for housing problem. At first place, using container as homes intends to reduce high-cost of housing that use standard materials. Today, container homes design is no longer exclusively for humanitarian project. People see this thing as excellent material and composition for their house. Of course, you need to know regulation and safety measure before using this stuff for housing. Instead of putting fancy decoration as similar to regular housing, eco-friendly design is good choice to save environment. The design based what has been implemented in humanitarian project, but receive additional equipment.

To apply container homes design with eco-friendly theme, you need to put several advanced panels. One of them is solar panel that designed to harness sunlight then turn into electrical energy. This kind of housing is very popular in Europe and America to reduce excessive consumption of standard electrical source. Moreover, container can be modified easily into solar panel in affordable price. When using regular house, you can’t easily change solar panel to meet your needs and preference. Moreover, installation is in high-cost. Solar panel can be installed at top and integrated with roof of container. For decent housing, you need at least three container. Two are for primary living space and the rest will be focused to obtain energy.

Besides solar panel, eco-friendly housing is characterized with recycle material. You can call this style as back to basic. In past time, container was for homeless shelter or poor people. Nowadays, this thing transforms into new level. It does not mean that container will be lack of purpose. You still make excellent housing with container. Container homes design for this style starts from outside where you only paint container in light colors. The recycle materials can be wood, plastic, or paper. You commonly use wood for chair and table, while paper for wall decoration. With this style, your house will look ultimately great.

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