Avoid planting too many trees on Front Yard Landscaping

Tree is a plant or object that is very important existence, especially to be placed in front yard landscaping ideas. A house yard will feel arid and look dry without a tree. Because, the tree and its inner leaves have a function as a place to accommodate oxygen for the human respiration cycle for one’s survival and also absorb carbon dioxide from the decomposition of our respiratory substances in exchange for the survival of the tree itself. Not always to have or plant various types of plants in the front yard of your house into a thing that is required, especially in planting with large quantities. Because, not always can provide benefits or good effects for your home.

Then, how important and how many numbers and types of trees should be planted in the landscaping front yard? Very many types of trees that can be planted in the yard of the house, one of which is to plant fruit trees that are very beneficial to you and health. No need to be confused, you can plant some kind of fruit tree that is very useful, such as mango, orange, lemon, starfruit and other fruits.

But if you are less in the observer of fruits, you can plant vegetables to be planted in front yard landscaping. You can grow vegetables that you can use for cooking in your kitchen, you can try to grow some of the vegetables that are often consumed, such as chili, pandan, tomato, bean sprouts and various other vegetables. Therefore, you only need to plant a variety of plants that may be ‘important’ and of course that can be consumed by you everyday. For example by planting various types of vegetables and fruits that have been described previously, in addition to healthy, of course, by planting on the front page of your home will make your time more efficient and practical course.

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