Why the car should be treated periodically? Just imagine how many components in our cars, integrated into one and work together to make our cars can run, lead us to the office, vacation, drive the kids to school them in situations and weather conditions and road different- different.

There was rain, scorching heat, stagnant water, steep climbs and steep slope when we are on vacation out of town, there are huge traffic jam when the hour to and from the office. Now, if a time like that, our car broke down or impaired simply because we ignore regular maintenance, it would be very disturbing is not it?

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Regular maintenance are generally categorized based on the mileage on the car in kilometers (a mile in some countries is used as a measure of distance), from the moment the car out of the showroom, get into our garage and begin to fulfill their duties. For example, the outline will be reviewed on a regular maintenance as recommended by your car general from several manufacturers:

When was the engine oil and filter changed? Engine oil should be changed every 5,000 km, although there are several new cars today which recommends a distance of 10,000 km for engine oil change intervals. Use oil that is suitable for the engine we are, where we know? See recommendations regarding specifications of the oil in our car owner’s manual,

if the book is not there, try contacting an authorized repair shop car, ask the workshop on the specifications of our favorite car oil. It should be remembered that the oil work harder when we were driving in a traffic jam. For the oil filter, replace every 10,000 km.

When will oil drive components (drive train) need to be replaced? In the car we are driving component in addition to the engine, which is generally called axle differential and no transmission that allows us to increase the speed without imposing machine. Differential oil needs to be replaced every 10,000 km, of course, with the specifications in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For oil manual transmission, the oil needs to be replaced every 10,000 km, note the specification the oil, because there is transmission oil that uses oil similar to oil differential but there are some manual transmissions that use oil that level of consistency the same as engine oil, there is even a manual transmission that is required to wear automatic transmission oil, so do not let one put on oil. Then for a car with automatic transmission,

Water radiator, water in the radiator is the media so that the engine can release heat. Surely radiator water also need to be replaced every 20,000 km, use a special coolant fluid ready to use in order not to bother mix again. Besides this type of coolant radiator and engine protects us from corrosion. Avoid the use of groundwater, tap water or mineral water because it can lead to corrosion.

What about brake fluid? For a more durable brake components and free of rust, then drain and replace the brake fluid every 20,000 km, use the appropriate brake fluid specification car. Note also the condition of the brake shoes and brake pads our car, when it is thin immediately change, remember the only device the rate freeze car is braking, so do not occasionally ignore this component.

After the oil filter, there is another filter that filters the air and fuel filters. Filter component is also no limit of its useful life, replace both of these components every 20,000 km so that the car performance is maintained. Fuel and air filters are dirty would easily reduce the ability of our car.

Timing belt and drive belt. For a car that uses a timing belt, replace every 50,000 km, do not underestimate this component, especially as he does not look alias hidden behind the cover. If after the break when the machine is working, we will spend big to repair the damage inflicted machine. Record the replacement time so that we know when the next replacement. To drive belt or fan belt, replace every 30,000 km or appropriate conditions, the drive belt is twisted many things like power steering, alternator, water pump and the engine fan. Notice any physical we open the hood, if it is brittle or crack prematurely, replace immediately.

Then there are other components that need to be replaced according to the conditions, such as rubber wiper, replace if sweep results have been uneven. Shock absorbers (shock absorber) needs to be replaced when it is weak because it will make the car uncomfortable and difficult to control. Another component that is not less important is tierod, long tierod, ball joint and stabilizer link, if one of these components is damaged, worn or weak it will make the controls less well and make noises that disturb from under the car, so immediately replace if necessary.

Some of the descriptions above is the regular maintenance in general should always do under normal driving conditions. There are some specific driving conditions where the car requires extra care, for example the car used for the purposes of pulling the load and off-road crossing every day.

So do not ever hesitate to care for favorite car, give the best for our car, we will get the best capabilities of the car anyway.

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