13 Modern Wooden Terraces Will Be Inspirational

13 Modern Wooden Terraces Will Be Inspirational

Regardless of size, your terrace will always be a special place, to cure and renew often to enjoy the outdoors with loved ones, but also in solitude. To finish this unique space, there are many materials and furnishing outdoor able to give personality and character to the area. Wood is one of these and it is certainly in a position to give a special touch, cozy and warm in your cozy terrace. The wood also has the quality to get married very well with a variety of materials and fabrics, making the elegant and unique spaces.

In this article we have selected for you 10 modern terraces where wood – protagonist – lends ambiance and warmth to the entire area. Ready to be inspired by this series of pictures

Pergola that covers the entire area

The pergolas are ideal for decorating a terrace and give a sophisticated touch to any environment. In this room, for example https://www.solasbars.com, the combination of materials and textures provides a stunning effect, to be enjoyed in time of the day.

or only a part

Wonderful aesthetic effect that the wood offers around the external environment.

A wooden pergola with the metal and the floor as the protagonist

This arbor adds a touch of sophistication to the style terrace. The wooden and metal combination produces a beautiful aesthetic effect. The overall design of this trellis is certainly stunning with outdoor furnishings and sober and modern tones that reinforce the concept of elegance in design.


For those not satisfied!

The rustic style Strikes and does it beautifully. That’s one of the most famous summer resorts in Italy to see how this architecture so manages to merge with an incredible natural scenery we speak of Versilia and more precisely of Forte dei Marmi.

We are in the house and we realize not only a very pronounced rustic style, but also a version that sees the interior completely total white.

The classic wooden ceiling with exposed beams Yes, but this time it is completely white, as well as the furnishings. Have you already noticed a peculiarity furniture In front of the sofa are two coffee tables made with pallets. To us it seemed like a brilliant idea.

The other part of the bow we find a very elegant dining room that seems to have a very simple, but in reality hides carefully some really interesting details

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